NSCC’s core computing capabilities deliver a level of performance and flexibility needed to support a multifaceted array of HPC applications. The computational components are balanced with high speed storage subsystems and a low latency high speed interconnect that ensures to deliver the highest levels of performance across a broad spectrum of applications.

High Bandwidth Multi-Gigabit Network

NSCC’s petascale facility is linked by SingAREN’s high bandwidth multi-gigabit networks (STAR-N) to provide high speed access to users everywhere locally and globally.

Remote Login Nodes

Four geographically distributed campuses with remote login nodes interconnected by InfiniBand with bandwidths (at least 40Gbps) to enable access to the compute and storage nodes of the petascale facility.  The four campuses are:

  • [email protected] for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore (A*STAR)
  • [email protected] for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore (A*STAR)
  • National University of Singapore (NUS)
  • Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU)



The NSCC HPC system comprises of the following:

  • Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers providing total compute capacity of up to 1 PFlops and 128 GB memory per node or 5.33 GB memory per core
  • GPGPU compute capability with nVidia Tesla K40
  • Latest EDR interconnect technology for high-throughput low-latency inter-node communication with a full bisectional bandwidth non-blocking communication path between all nodes and storage
  • DDN storage solution with high-speed and flexible management of data within 3 tiers
  • Integrated migration for Tier0 data to the HSM storage area
  • Robust ad complete HPC software stack with leading edge management capabilities
  • Web based front-end for user submission, management and job results viewing
  • Remote extended RDMA network connections to the GIS, NTU, and NUS sites.


Technical Specs

Compute Node Architecture CX2550 PRIMERGY CX2550CX2570 PRIMERGY CX2570RX4770 PRIMERGY RX4770
Processor Intel E5-2690v3 (2.60GHz, 12 cores)
Total cores 31,392 cores
Total memory 229TByte
GPUs nVidia Tesla K40
Interconnect InfiniBand EDR
Compute performance 1PFlops
Storage architecture DDN Infinite Memory Engine
DDN Web Object Scaler (WOS)
Storage capacity 14PByte
Tier 0 storage performance 500GB/s